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Meduza is granting open access to all coverage of the war in Ukraine under a Creative Commons license You can reprint our articles about the conflict in full — anywhere you like

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Russia has attacked Ukraine. This is a war. Inside Russia, the authorities have imposed a new level of censorship, blocking all independent media agencies — including TV Rain and Ekho Moskvy. Throughout the country, anti-war demonstrations have been brutally suppressed, their participants arrested. Prominent figures who have spoken out against the war have been threatened. The authorities and the Kremlin-controlled media (especially the state-owned television networks) have been lying about the war, manipulating public opinion.

We believe people should be allowed to make their own judgements about what’s happening — on the basis of accurate information. To help make that possible, we’re granting open access to all of Meduza’s content about the war in Ukraine for free distribution.

Please note: This license doesn’t apply to photographs. You can reprint any of our material about the war in Ukraine released after February 23, 2022.

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No to War An editorial from Meduza

Read Meduza's statement

No to War An editorial from Meduza

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